Why Customized Ecommerce Packaging is Essential

Brittney Beermann | August 11, 2020

Did you know that there are over 1 million ecommerce companies in the United States alone? Aside from the products you’re purchasing, what sets these companies apart from one another? The custom packaging it arrives in.

Whether you’re a brand owner, marketer or packaging expert, you understand the value and importance of good product packaging. It not only informs consumers about your product, but also sets the tone and creates an experience every time they interact with your brand. The same goes for the packaging it ships in. Ecommerce packaging is just one extra step in your marketing strategy that is crucial to your brand identity, here’s why:

Brand Recognition & Brand Loyalty

What’s more exciting than receiving that easily recognizable Amazon box, your monthly IPSY subscription, or your yummy HelloFresh meals for the week? Although these brands are vastly different, they have all likely spent countless hours designing custom packaging that tells their unique story simply based on the graphics, material and how the product is packed.

Whether it’s a simple smile from A to Z or a matte finish with a pop of pink, your product should ship in style! Customers will appreciate the attention to detail and associate quality packaging with quality products.

Reliability in Shipment

Customized ecommerce packaging goes beyond beautiful graphics. Designing your packaging specific to your product gives you and your customers peace of mind that their product will arrive in one piece. Accurate sizing reduces shifting of the product which could lead to damage. Take it a step further by adding in partitions, foam, tissue or a custom insert. The products that you’ve spent months, or even years developing will arrive in perfect condition every time!

Unboxing Experience

Consumers aren’t looking for a “one size fits all” approach to shopping. Just as the buying experience is unique to that individual, so should the unboxing experience. Google “Unboxing Videos” and you’ll enter into an entire world of unique ecommerce packaging. Why do brands like FabFitFun and Dollar Shave Club have such a huge following? Because their packaging ignites emotion and excitement when it arrives! Even your postman knows how excited you are to get that bright colorful box of new products to try! If your packaging is falling short of WOW, try a new look, and maybe your brand will be featured in the next “Unboxing” video!


With advanced printing technologies and design software, it’s easier than ever to create beautiful graphics that stand out. But did you know that your packaging can also offer a great deal of information about your brand and products? Picture a sleek, high-end tech product showing up at your doorstep and 14 pieces of literature spilling out everywhere. Save money and resources by printing the important information directly on the inside or outside of the box! Let your product speak for itself and the packaging speak for your brand.

When it comes to designing your ecommerce packages, it’s important to think outside (and inside) the box! Every interaction with your brand should make an impression on your customers. As online shopping continues to grow, it’s not enough to only stand out on the shelf. Show your customers that you’ve thought of everything by creating fun, memorable packaging they can’t wait to receive.

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