What Should I Put On My Product Packaging?

Taylor Mueller | June 15, 2021

Deciding what to write on your product packaging is an essential part of forming your brand identity and helping your package stand out among the sea of other boxes. Seems like a lot of pressure, right? Well, in a world full of packaging design possibilities, it can be an overwhelming decision. Luckily, the solution is not quite as distressing as it may seem. When it comes to your packaging, write whatever it is that best tells your unique story. Is your brand minimalist and all about sustainability? Kraft packaging with a simple logo is a great fit. What if your brand is bold and vocal? Your tagline surrounded by vibrant colors can be a good match. Do you see? It’s all about you! 

Take a look below at nine examples of writing that are guaranteed to give your brand packaging that ever so desirable, crucial identifier. 


A Logo



XCEED’S logo


Ah, the old reliable. Putting your logo onto your product package seems like a no-brainer, for without it, customers (and potential customers) miss out on the opportunity to recognize you solely by your logo. Why would you want that? Because, a recognizable logo is one that is trustworthy, intriguing, honest, and communicative. When one sees your logo, they are automatically reminded of the benefits that your product can offer them. In other words, a connection has been formed.  

After all, what’s a Nike package without the infamous Nike swoosh? The very moment customers see that logo, they are instantly reminded of the great things that are about to emerge from that box which, in turn, creates excitement! 


A Tagline





Do you believe that your tagline speaks for itself? Enough said, slap it on already! Writing your tagline onto your product packaging is a great way to give customers a sneak peek at the products within as well as initiates that second crucial connection with your customers (following the logo, of course) – wow, all of this connection-building before they’ve even had the chance to open the package!

Remember, when you write a tagline on your product packaging, you are making a promise to your customers that the product within is going to live up to the claim provided. Taking Schmidt’s product packaging into account, the tagline above tells customers that they are about to find something that is clean, pure, organic – the list goes on. Therefore, it is not in your best interest to produce a tagline that does not match your product description.  


A Website Link





Providing your company’s website in an easily locatable place is a cheeky way to supply a call-to-action without directly, and often annoyingly, begging customers to visit your website. Plus, who wants to spend unnecessary amounts of time searching for a brand’s website when it can be plastered across your packaging? Not us! (Let’s face it, most people want immediate information. Making their lives easier is a sure way to get them to like you – but you didn’t hear that from us). 


Brand Story



Here at Cushelle, we know just how special koalas are, and the long-term impact of the 2020 Australian bushfires on the species is devastating. We also know that the crisis is far from over and the potential fate of these vulnerable creatures is bleak if we don’t act now. That’s why we’ve partnered WWF to help raise awareness of the issue and support the rehabilitation of the species and other wildlife with a £150,000 donation. 


We know, you put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into creating your brand, so why not share it with your customers? Not only are brand stories a great way to form a connection with your customers through excitement and relatability, but it helps to positively boost your reputation and create brand awareness. Who knows, informing potential customers that you are a mother-of-two from Idaho who started your natural candle business in your garage may be the push they need to make a purchase! 


Product Uses/How Tos




Skip the instruction manual! By writing the product uses or how-tos directly onto your package, you limit the time that customers have to spend searching for the instructions themselves. Furthermore, it helps to create an overall more sustainable package due to the lack of wasteful brochure inserts. Informative, sustainable, and cute – what more could you want? 

Along with that, writing useful information is a great way to fill up that space if you happen to be experiencing trouble coming up with a design (I mean, hey, we aren’t all graphic designers!).


Product Claims



Our patented buttersoft modal is not only eco-friendly and the best quality you’ll ever find but it’s also so comfy that you’ll never take it off. Ever. Know good knickers. 


Similar to a tagline, it is important that your product claim isn’t completely outrageous in its declaration. In other words, dont. sell. what. you. can’t. actually. offer. Think about it – the more you provide an inaccurate claim, the more disappointed your customers become. 

After all, by providing your product claim, you are potentially inspiring customers to make a purchase solely based on that claim. 

Take Cheekfrills Knickers’ product claim as an example – this package claims that the fabric is buttersoft, eco-friendly, high quality, and comfortable. Not only are those highly reasonable claims to make, but they are keywords that are bound to get noticed by potential customers. 


Charitable Efforts



For every ten bottles sold, a bottle will get donated to a kid who needs it. Let’s try to end child hunger together.


Are you supporting a cause with your product purchases? Share it! Customers love to know that their money is being put towards something that is meaningful. In fact, just knowing that their money is going towards something that matters may even be enough to influence a purchase. 


Ingredients and Nutritional Value



mango, strawberry, scoby, ginger, fermentation, time, patient


We are all well aware of what an ingredient and nutritional label looks like on product packaging. If you are selling any product that contains food, any product that comes in contact with a person’s skin, any product that can be consumed in any way and so on, it is important that the ingredients are written on the package to avoid anyone having a sensitive reaction.

Most ingredient and nutritional labels are often boring in appearance, so try spicing up your list similar to the package above. Not only does it look completely different from your typical label that always contains a small, generic font, but it also makes mention of consumable objects along with the effort that went into making the product within – now that is a refreshing change. 


Interactive Element




Do you want your package to be more than just something your products are shipped in? Doubling your box as a package and something that can be interactive, such as a coloring book in the example above, means that your package will be put to some use even after your products have been delivered (at least it’s better than thinking your package will be thrown away).


There you have it – nine writing examples that are sure to make any mailer box, shipping box, gift box, subscription box and more stand out! Now get out there and start writing on your product package! 


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