What is Frustration Free Packaging?

Kyle Winkeler | September 23, 2020

Imagine a child gets their birthday present and it’s an awesome toy they’ve been asking about for months. In child-like fashion, they want to remove it from the box and play with it immediately. However, there’s a problem. First, you have to open the unnecessary outer shipping box to pull out the packaged toy. Once you’ve done that, you find the packaging is overly difficult to open. As a result, you’re left with extra waste that took more effort than it should’ve to open. Situations like these can be frustrating but Luckily it doesn’t have to be this way.

Have you ever heard of frustration free packaging? This term describes packaging that is easy to open and able to ship a product without the need for an additional shipping box. Sometimes products ship in their original packaging, but it’s a hard-plastic shell. Frustration free packaging eliminates this by being environmentally friendly. In fact, frustration free packaging is made of 99% recyclable material. Since 2008, Amazon has led the push for companies to switch to frustration free packaging resulting in it becoming more and more of a trend as we become increasingly aware of the need to be environmentally conscious.




Why Frustration Free?

Let’s expand upon these ideas and more deeply explore the benefits of frustration free packaging. To start it, allows you to focus on the right packaging and material for each individual product, helping to ensure your package arrives safely. Your team already came up with eye-catching graphics to put on your package, so don’t cover that up with a brown shipping box when you can ship it securely in the original packaging itself. This also means when a child rips into a box he can get to his toys immediately, saving you from disposing of multiple unnecessary boxes just for one gift.

The efficiency of reducing unnecessary outer boxes is one of many reasons why frustration free packaging is environmentally friendly in nature. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 30% of all municipal solid waste is containers and packaging. If frustration free packaging was more prevalent, we could reduce that percentage significantly. FFP also uses corrugated material over plastic, which is 99% recyclable. With 14.5 million tons of plastic packaging and container waste generated in 2017 alone, I think we can all agree, less single-use plastic in the world is a good thing.

Using only one box to ship your product also helps from a supply chain management perspective. Instead of having to source multiple companies to package your item and supply you shipping boxes you can now achieve both goals using only one supplier. Frustration free packaging also helps reduce the inventory space required when fulfilling packages. This saves your team valuable time that can be used elsewhere and also keeps accounting happy. By only sourcing one packaging container instead of two you are effectively increasing your margins, saving money and helping the bottom line.


What does Frustration-Free Packaging Mean at Xceed? 

There are multiple frustration free packaging options when buying custom boxes through Xceed. We have beverage holders, custom printed shipping boxes and mailers that can ship your product without the need of an outer shipping box. Our packaging is made of 99% recyclable corrugated material, offered in 3 different material finishes available to you when designing your box. The most environmentally friendly option is kraft material but all of the options at Xceed are eco-friendly.

Frustration free packaging continues to become more and more important every year. Companies are drawn to the many wide-ranging benefits like how easy they are to open. FFP has no outer shipping box either which helps reduce waste. Combine that with the material it’s made of, being 99% recyclable corrugated, makes it very environmentally friendly. Reduced waste also helps from a supply chain management perspective by alleviating unnecessary inventory space. You only have to source one packaging supplier instead of two which saves time. The bottom line is that using FFP saves you money. So, at the end of the day its and easy choice; frustration or peace of mind, you decide.

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