What Does PDQ Stand for in Retail?

Brittney Beermann | March 15, 2021

Retail displays can add significant value to your in-store experience. Shoppers may not always be looking for your product, but a retail display puts your brand front and center. Being easily visible in an aisle or on a shelf draws in consumers and encourages them to make a purchase.

Whether you’re selling toys, home decor, first aid or car care products, a POP display works for just about anything. Seasonal and promotional items or everyday essentials are a great fit for a PDQ display. A PDQ is a popular display design that sits on an aisle shelf, at the checkout, on an endcap or within a larger pallet display. You can design a PDQ for a variety of sizes and provide plenty of space for custom designed graphics making them one of the most versatile displays in retail.


What Does PDQ Stand For?

In the packaging and display industry, PDQ commonly stands for “Pretty Darn Quick”. What’s so quick about it? Well, just about everything! From concept, a PDQ display uses common standard design practices, which are easily adjusted to fit your product. Assembly takes about one minute on average. Product is loaded and the entire display is shipped directly to the store.


Another style of PDQ is also referred to as an RRP or “Retail Ready Packaging”. An RRP is a tear-away style display that ships in itself. At the store level, the associate tears away the top to reveal the product before placing it on shelf. While this style is economical and widely popular in big box retailers, they do reveal raw, torn edges and don’t offer the same distinguished look as a PDQ. RRP’s are perfect for commodity items such as food or beverage items or household and cleaning products.


What Are the Benefits of Using a PDQ for Your Products?

Unique Design for Custom Graphics

With its one-piece design, you can apply eye-catching custom graphics to all sides of this display.  A standard PDQ will have complete roll-over edges which allow for a clean, finishing look. You can also add an optional header for more product information.

Easy to assemble

A PDQ style display involves a few folds that tuck and lock into place. Check out how simple it really is in our Unboxing of a PDQ Tray with Optional Header.


Shelf Ready

PDQ displays are shipped to stores fully assembled and packed with products. By simply tearing away or removing the outer shipper, a PDQ can go from the warehouse to a store shelf with little effort. New promotion? Easily relocate the entire display from aisle to end cap and reload with product.


Grab and Go

This stadium style display allows for custom eye-catching graphics and encourages impulse purchases through its open concept design and placement in store. Most commonly located in the checkout lanes, PDQ’s are perfect for those items you need, and those items you want.

Cost Effective

One of the best features of a PDQ display is its cost effectiveness. Large point of purchase displays can often require several pieces, additional materials, multiple manufacturing processes, extensive assemblies and high shipping costs. A PDQ is made from one die line, which means one printing method and one cutting method. They do not require excess materials and can ship fully assembled and packed out, reducing multiple steps at the store level. When the product runs out, you can easily fill the shelf or end cap with the same product.


Which Products Benefit from a PDQ Tray?

You may not realize how often you see this display in store, but with its functional design, a PDQ accommodates a variety of products.  Items such as candy, mini hand sanitizers, Chapstick, lighters and batteries are conveniently located in the checkout lane and are often displayed in a PDQ style tray. Consumers can easily grab those last-minute necessities on their way out.

Personal Care and Cosmetic Brands may be featured on an endcap PDQ display with colorful graphics and images of beautiful models who also use that product. This entices consumers to try something new or step outside of their comfort zone. With this gorgeous presentation, a splurge on self-care suddenly seems necessary.

Seasonal products such as sunscreens, cold & flu medicines or lawn and garden items fill the center aisles as they have limited availability. A larger pallet display may consist of several smaller PDQ’s which can be reused, recycled or replaced throughout the season.


Where is the Best Location for a PDQ Display?

Not only is the design and functionality perfect for various products, but a PDQ style display can be found in most retail outlets such as:

  • Convenience stores
  • Big box retailers
  • Grocery stores
  • Small Shops & Boutiques
  • Drug Stores
  • Discount Clubs
  • Gas Stations


Placement within those stores is key, depending on the product and promotion. Most commonly, a PDQ can be found on an aisle shelf or end cap, an island display, at the checkout lane or directly on the counter.


Is a PDQ a Good Fit for Your Product?

ABSOLUTELY! Brands of all sizes opt for a simple PDQ style display to promote their products. Whether you’re new to the shelf or fill multiple aisles with your product, a PDQ can add a unique, cost effective presence that is sure to sell!



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