Upgrade Gift Giving with Custom Printed Gift Boxes

Hailey Mueller | August 18, 2020

There’s an age-old idea that says the act of giving is worth far more than the gift itself, and what better way to give than packaged inside custom printed gift boxes? Gift giving has been rooted into cultures around the world since, well, the beginning of time. From unusually-shaped rocks gifted during the caveman days to more present-day gifts of smartwatches and razor kits (talk about evolution), a world without gift giving is hard to imagine. 

Just as the gifts we give to one another have evolved, so have the ways in which they’re given. Yes, we’re talking about the boxes they come in. Custom printed shipping boxes have become a way for modern businesses and everyday-gift-givers alike to ensure their packaging stands out and creates a memorable experience.

You know that feeling Mom gets when you hand her a homemade gift that you know she’ll cherish forever simply because it was made by you? Custom printed gift boxes provide that same feeling of personalization, attention, and consideration that ensure the “made-just-for-you” experience is there every time you receive a gift.

The cherry on top? Whether you’re a small business looking to deliver unique packaging to your customers or a mom wanting to give your family members a holiday gift they’ll remember, creating your own custom printed gift boxes has never been easier or more affordable. Not convinced? See how custom gift boxes can transform your gifts, whatever your reason may be:


Custom Gift Boxes for Brands

In today’s world, finding ways to help one’s brand stand out within such a competitive marketplace is a challenge. Fortunately, we have a solution.

Overall, utilizing custom gift boxes can be ingrained into a brand’s marketing plan, which can then lead to added visibility. Unique, attention-grabbing, and memorable packaging is a beneficial way for brands to tap into the consumer market and make a name for itself, which leads to an increased customer base (simple as that). 

What do Campbell’s, Tiffany’s, Marlboro, and KFC all have in common? They are all brands widely known for their signature, instantly recognizable packaging. There’s no denying the power unique, attention-grabbing package designs can have. That power is available to you. 

Gone are the days of cheap, store-bought gift bags! As much as custom gift boxes are beneficial to brands, everyday consumers (you and me) can also benefit from customized boxes. Whether you’re ordering a custom package to carry a family member’s birthday gift or designing a custom box that is being sent directly to the recipient, a custom printed gift box is a surefire way to add a special touch to whoever’s gift is inside.


Custom Gift Boxes for Businesses

Imagine, after years of research, planning, financing, licensing, and branding, the website for your business has launched and your doors have opened. Your business logo? Eye-catching. Your unique selling propositions? Engaging. The packaging your employees, customers, and stakeholders receive? Lifeless. 

You’ve spent months, possibly years, building your business from finding the perfect color palette to finding the perfect location. Why shouldn’t you put that much effort into designing a unique, custom gift box that can transform the way your customers and employees experience your business? In a world where business competitors are a mouse click or store shelf away, investing in custom gift boxes is a crucial way for that transformation to happen. 

Custom gift boxes provide businesses with an ability to: 

Turn Heads

When you think back to all the times consumers have shared pictures of a brand’s packaging online, what do you remember about the packages themselves? The gift boxes were most likely colorful, eye-catching, and customized, right? In a world where businesses are popping up left and right, it has never been more important to ditch brown, plain gift boxes and create your own unique gift packaging. 

Carefully selecting the overall color, design, and appearance of the gift boxes given to customers and employees not only ensures a business stands out from its competitors, but also stands out in the mind’s of consumers. After all, consumers are more likely to gain interest in and buy from a business that has unique gift boxes, recommend those businesses to friends and family, and post pictures of your brand on social media (look at you go).

Captivate Customers and Employees

Take a moment to think about what you’d prefer when receiving a gift from a business: A plain, brown box or a box with bright designs that grab your attention and help tell the business’s story (I know what I’d choose). Customized gift boxes help businesses appeal to customers and employees, which ensures the one thing businesses need: trust. 

Through custom gift boxes, businesses can further build trust by humanizing their gift giving (putting designs on a box = putting a face to a name). Further, customized boxes establish a business’s personality, shares its story, and allows for a chance to show gratitude towards customers and employees. 

People appeal to people – it’s that simple.Through custom gift boxes, that appeal to customers and employees has never been easier. 

Create Special and Branded Experiences

With custom gift boxes, businesses have the opportunity to create special and branded experiences that go beyond the gift itself. When customers and employees receive a gift box with custom designs, gift giving is made extra special, and in turn, those receiving the boxes also feel special. In simpler terms, the clear thought and consideration that goes into a custom box ensures customers and employees feel appreciated (what’s more special than that?). 

Businesses can also transform gift giving into a branded experience that is memorable for consumers. Through unique, considerate custom gift boxes, businesses can establish a relationship of trust and dependability between customers and employees, which helps convert brand awareness to brand loyalty. 


Make Gift-Giving Elegant and Polished

There’s no denying the lux, top-end feeling that comes from a custom gift box design. Unlike plain, brown boxes, unique and attention-grabbing designs add a feeling of high-end value to a business. This feeling of elegance and attention to detail encourages customers to interact and connect with businesses again in the future as well as showcase packaging photos online. 

Custom Gift Boxes for Individuals

As beneficial as custom gift boxes are to businesses looking to send packages to large numbers of people, custom gift boxes are also a great option for those looking to customize their gift boxes for friends and family. Whether you’re wanting to send your grandkids their annual, handmade Christmas sweaters in an extra special box or celebrate your daughter’s graduation with a twist, custom gift boxes are the perfect way to amp up your gift giving. 

#Humblebrag time! Unlike ordinary packaging manufacturers, here at Xceed, we have 0 minimums and 100% flexibility when it comes to ordering your custom gift boxes. This means you can order and customize as few as one or as many as one thousand gift boxes with the ability to try different designs depending on the birthday, holiday, celebration, or whatever gifting you may be doing. 

Events and occasions that customized gift boxes can impress include:


Birthdays are a great opportunity for you to wrap a family member or friend’s gift in something much more memorable than a generic, store-bought gift bag. Custom gift boxes are also perfect for making landmark birthdays (1st, 16th, 21st, 40th, 50th) even more special (but we’re not saying custom gift boxes aren’t perfect for all the birthdays in between).



Celebrate the happy couple with a customized gift box that shows them just how much you care. From linens, to kitchenware, to photo albums, a customized wedding gift box for whatever your gifting needs may be is the perfect opportunity for you to put some extra-special thought into an extra-special day. 


Celebrate all the hard work your friends and family have put into their education with a custom gift box as significant as their accomplishment. From childhood memorabilia to a bottle of champagne, a custom gift box can help present your gift in a way they won’t forget. 

Baby Showers

Welcome your family’s newest member with custom gift boxes that will stand out from the crowd. Whether for holding a diaper bag or for holding pacifiers, customizing a gift box is a thoughtful and personal way to show just how excited you are for the soon-to-be parents. 


Holidays are the perfect opportunity for you to order several gift boxes for the loved ones in your life from your grandkids to children. The personal touch that comes with a custom gift box will show your family just how much you love and care about them in a way they’ll remember (and keep) forever. 

Time to Upgrade

There’s no denying the benefits that can come from utilizing custom printed gift boxes. From increasing brand visibility, to standing out from competitors, to appealing to customers, to creating a special and branded experience, to putting a special touch on a baby shower gift, customized boxes can benefit modern businesses and everyday gift givers alike. 

Whether you’re a subscription box business just getting started or an everyday dad preparing for the holidays, utilizing custom printed gift boxes will transform your gift giving into the cream of the crop, pick of the litter, apple of one’s eye (you get the idea).

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