Unlock The Good Times with Carrie’s Merries

Brittney Beermann | June 30, 2021

For many, there is nothing worse than brunch without cocktails. Yet, there’s that horrifying experience of drinking a Bloody Mary that tastes more like a thick, spicy heartburn in a glass – now that’s truly worse.

Carrie of Carrie’s Merries had the exact same experience during her worldly travels and grew tired of the same old tomato juice cocktail. Growing up in a family who ran a small business, Carrie’s natural entrepreneurial spirit led her to developing her own Bloody Mary mix, which, to her surprise, quickly started gaining popularity at local parties and events. 

 “If ya can’t find it, make it!” – seven words that changed Carrie’s life!

That was the dawn of Carrie’s Merries.


 Eat, Drink and Be Merrie

When Carrie began developing her brand, she wanted to encompass happiness in a bottle. Turns out, her favorite beverage just so happened to rhyme with Carrie. She sought out the very best ingredients, beginning with San Marzano tomatoes, then added electrolytes, and finished with a crisp, clean, seasoned flavor. With all natural, gluten free claims, you can’t help but feel “merrie”!

Carrie’s Merries officially launched in November of 2020, during a time of huge uncertainty. Families were still unable to see their loved ones and turned to online gift giving as a way to reconnect. Luckily, Carrie’s Merries had just the product to make someone’s day even a little bit better. Due to her unique and fun brand messaging approach, Carrie saw a big increase in sales – just in time for the holiday season! Carrie’s Merries quickly became the “go-to” gift set for friends, family and even small businesses with her St. Louis Signature Box being a top fave! Check out her segment on Show-Me St. Louis here


Life is All About Connections

In the world of subscription boxes, there are hundreds of various merchants, vendors and even partnership opportunities that you may not even know of. Lucky for us, with organizations like SUBTA, Xceed was able to connect with Carrie’s Merries thus forming our packaging partnership. 

“I was thrilled to find a local company who understood the intricacies of the subscription box industry. They can custom design any box to fit your products, and can even fulfill orders and ship direct to your clients. It’s pretty impressive!” From the packaging design through warehousing and shipment, “Xceed really is a one-stop-shop!”


Recipe for Success

When Carrie explained what she was looking for in a custom box our goal at Xceed was to provide a premium package at a not-so premium price that also kept the product safe in transit. When designing this premium box, the weight and size of the bottle was the most important factor as well as the variety of products changing from month to month. To help, a custom insert was designed to support and protect the bottle and filler void was added to reduce movement of the additional items in shipment. Xceed then suggested a material and print finish that provided a sleek, high-end look. With state-of-the-art digital printing and cutting methods the final packaging was sure to impress.

“I have been so happy with my experience with Xceed Pkg, from the team to the physical products. I have received so many compliments on the quality of the box, and that was very important to me given my product is high quality. You can trust you’re getting the best, and feel comfortable your clients will love it too. You’re in good hands if you’re looking to enter the subscription box space, or just to have a superior box designed. I highly recommend Xceed Pkg based on their work, but they’re also fun to work with! It’s a win-win!”

As online sales continue to rise, what is next for this bloody-good brand? Excitingly enough, the Carrie’s Merries All-Natural Bloody Mary Mix has now been picked up by 30 regional grocery stores in a 12pk Case! Keep an eye out for Carrie’s Merries at a retailer near you!

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