Top Retail Packaging Design Trends for 2021

Brittney Beermann | October 29, 2020

Whether you’re serving your community, standing up for what you believe in or establishing your brand identity, custom packaging is one of the most creative ways to give your ideas a voice. Design, logos, graphic elements and even color palettes can tell a unique story about your offering and give consumers a feel for your products. Simple or wild graphics, neutral or bold colors, variable patterns and multi-use packaging are just some of the exciting trends to look forward to in 2021! 

Check out each of these exciting trend opportunities here: 


Ecommerce Packaging

It’s no shock that ecommerce packaging has taken over the market in the last year. While no one could have predicted a global shift in our daily lives, companies have quickly adapted and shifted their online approach in an effort to serve the community. Packaging has been extremely crucial as this is the first and only chance many brands have to make an impression! In tough times, consumers are relying on CPGs and brands alike to safely ship their essential products. Take this opportunity to give thanks, offer support and ensure your reliability with beautifully printed packaging. 

ecommerce packaging


Cohesive Packaging & Product Design

Consistency is key. This can be said for any brand’s messaging, tone, style and strategy, but consistency in packaging is equally as important. With cohesive packaging and product design, your products are easily recognizable and immediately trusted by consumers based on the experiences they’ve had with your brand. This can also increase brand loyalty and boost hype around new product launches.



Reusable/Multi-Use Packaging

How sad do you feel receiving a beautifully printed box only to toss it out after opening? 

But did you know that packaging can serve as a home decor piece, a storage container, a planter or even a cat scratching post? Don’t get tossed aside. It may take a little brainstorming, but coming up with creative ways that consumers can reuse your packaging again and again will definitely improve brand recognition and brand loyalty.



Sustainable Packaging

Retailers are taking a big stand on sustainably sourced packaging. Amazon, Walmart and so many others not only prefer, but require packaging that reduces waste and expends less energy to produce. With digitally printed packaging, LED technologies require less inks and consumables than other traditional print methods. Printing plates are no longer needed which means that graphics can change often without the purchase of plates that may become obsolete. With lower minimums, you can stop buying more than what you need and stop throwing away unused materials. Luckily, with advances in printing & CAD cutting technologies, sustainable packaging is more easily achievable than ever.


Packaging that Speaks

Now, more than ever influencers, retailers and brands are speaking up and speaking out on what they believe in. Consumers are not only buying but also supporting  products & brands that advocate for making the world a better place. Packaging can be a crucial element in this brand awareness. Take a stand! Use your printed packaging to speak on behalf of your brand as well as your favorite movement or cause.



Bright, Floral Patterns

Vibrant colors and patterns are great for making your packaging POP! Cosmetics, perfumes, candles and soaps often use bright floral patterns to illustrate the scent and beauty of the products!



Dark, Bold Colors

Rich blues, purples and blacks can give your premium packaging a luxurious feel or add some gold details to really elevate the experience. These beautiful, sleek color palettes can make consumers feel like they are getting the royal treatment!




Sometimes you can say it all without having to SAY IT ALL. Simple graphics and logos in a black or white text may be all it takes to illustrate what your brand is about. Less is more with this concept. Minimalistic designs can show that your products are clean and simple with a “no frills” kind of vibe.



Natural Colors

Many brands are opting for a more natural look. Nudes, beiges, whites and muted earthy colors can give an organic feel to your products. This color scheme is perfect for natural skin care products or organic treats.



Versioning & Variable Data

This concept is not new in the world of digital print, however versioning and variable data are available in more product materials than ever before. Variable data for packaging and boxes is actually easily achievable if you have the right supplier! Whether it’s a simple color change or a full graphic change, you have 100% full creative freedom with this design trend!




One of our favorite things about packaging is that it serves as a communication tool between you and your consumers. It’s one of the best marketing tools to convey brand messaging, value propositions and useful information. 

I think we all can agree 2021 is already looking brighter! Try out one of these fun packaging design trends that are sure to impress & express!

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