The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Corrugate

Kyle Winkeler | July 12, 2021

One of the most crucial aspects of unique packaging is the material it’s made from. It’s important to ponder the impact this decision will have on the environment. Materials such as plastic and foam are commonly used options but both can be detrimental to the ecosystem. That’s where eco-friendly packaging comes into play; defined as any packaging that is easily recycled, safe for individuals and the environment. So, you may be asking yourself, what is the environmental impact of packaging right now? Well, if you combine all packaging materials together, that makes up 28% of the total solid municipal waste in the United States of America. Of those 82 million tons of waste, 44 million is recycled. (

At Xceed, we utilize an organic material called corrugate to produce our custom retail packaging and display work. Corrugate is made from paper and therefore very recyclable. In-fact, of the 44 million tons of recycled waste, 76% is a paper byproduct. ( Using eco-friendly material like corrugate not only reduces the environmental footprint but also appeals to the sustainability focused consumer. Let’s take a look at the different benefits eco-friendly corrugate can provide.


Cycle of Sustainability

The term “sustainability” has grown in popularity within the packaging marketplace, but what exactly does it mean? When a resource is capable of being maintained at a certain rate or level that is considered sustainable and materials like paper fall into that category. When choosing to package sustainably, we avoid depleting that resource, ultimately helping to save the environment from ecological unbalance. With consumers and businesses trying to be more environmentally conscious in 2021, they need to know that their packaging isn’t going to damage to the environment.

As previously stated, corrugate is made from trees, a naturally occurring resource and therefore can be cultivated over and over again. This is accomplished through a constantly improving cycle of lumber harvesting and replanting that provides a continuous supply of timber without fully draining the resource. Because of this, corrugate is the most environmentally conscious material in the packaging market and when produced using recycled board, it actually saves energy too. In fact, 24% of the total energy needed to produce new stock is entirely eliminated through this process. ( Now that’s sustainable!

Extreme Recyclability

Not only is corrugate sustainable, but it’s also 99% recyclable, causing a trickledown effect that leads to less waste overall. Similar to how corrugate can be easily cultivated by planting more trees, discarded scrap and corrugated material can also be used to make additional board. In fact, recycling just one ton of corrugated material can save over 9 cubic yards of landfill space. (

Unfortunately, not all corrugate finds its way into recycling. According to the EPA, roughly 37% of all corrugated material that is produced in the U.S. winds up in landfills. ( Fortunately, corrugate is made from a naturally occurring resource and therefore biodegradable. That means even when board does find its way into the environment, it will begin to break down quickly and dissipate back into the ecosystem.


Clean & Classic Style

Choosing eco-friendly material can also be stylish. Remember when we mentioned sustainability was huge in the marketplace? Well, sustainable packaging alone is projected to rise 9.25% every year through 2026. ( These margins of growth are due in large part to the rising environmental concerns of consumers and public awareness that sustainable options exist.

Take into account the box pictured below. It was produced by using kraft board, a brown corrugated material that is highly sustainable. Most consumers recognize that this material is made from paper and commonly recycled so it also gives off the appearance of being sustainable, which adds value to a brand.



When Kraft packaging is used, it tells consumers that you are aware of the environmental concerns that they may have. It expresses your seriousness regarding sustainability, both now and in the future. This classic look is an authentic commitment to the environment and will keep customers coming back again-and-again.

Speaking of the classic look, Xceed has the ability to print using white ink, a rarity in the corrugated industry. This ink works well with kraft and doesn’t muddy the message of sustainability at all. In fact, it allows brands to display both artwork and information without sacrificing their appeal to current market trends.


There’s no denying that utilizing eco-friendly material certainly has a lot of benefits. In a world where customers want to be environmentally conscious, it’s important to make use of the best options available. Not only is corrugate the best option for eco-friendly material in the marketplace due to its clean classic look, but it can also create a positive experience with consumers while conveying your commitment to sustainability. Corrugate is also one of the most recyclable materials in the industry. Therefore, choosing corrugate will not only benefit you but the environment too. So, what are you waiting for? Eco-friendly packaging has never been trendier. Take advantage of the benefits corrugate provides today before the market passes you by.

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