The Best Retail Display Ideas for Your Product

Hailey Mueller | February 23, 2021

A product’s retail display plays a critical role in catching the attention of consumers and encouraging purchases within brick-and-mortar stores. This means it is essential to create unique, high-quality, and eye-catching retail displays that stand out to consumers amongst the various other product displays they’re likely to come across. 

Despite today’s enormous increase in online shopping, humans are highly attracted to visuals, making retail displays and products one of the reasons why consumers still choose to shop in stores. Appealing to consumers and their sense of sight is all the more reason to ensure top-notch retail display designs. 

Still not convinced? According to researchers Dr. L.D. Rosenblum, Dr. Harold Stolovitch, and Dr. Erica Keeps, sight accounts for 83% of our information processing. ** That being said, visual appeal is more impactful on consumers than, well, almost anything else.

We’ve compiled five examples of the best retail display ideas for your products that you can replicate within your own retail design efforts.


Retail Displays That Invite You In

Designing retail displays that immerse consumers into your desired environment is a surefire way to grab attention and invite shoppers to explore your products. 

However, inviting retail displays don’t have to be over-the-top or excessive. Once a theme or story unique to your products is decided upon, simply choose design elements that match your subject matter to help create an overall effect that can leave a lasting impression on consumers. 

For example, if you want to display your products via a “Spring” theme, you can design your retail display with pastel-colored walls, graphic text that reads “Hello, Spring,” warm-weather items, and flower garlands. These carefully-selected, yet simple design elements can submerge consumers into your Springtime theme all while simultaneously attracting them to your products. 


Retails Displays That Reflect Your Brand’s Story

Retail displays that help tell the story of your brand aren’t only unique and compelling for your product’s sake, but they can help consumers begin to feel connected to and understand more about your organization’s values. 

For example, if your brand strives to create sustainable, healthy products, designing retail displays with elements that would reflect such values can help reflect your brand. For sustainability, such design elements could be plants. Not only can plants be attractive and aesthetically-pleasing to the consumer’s eye, but they can help reflect your brand’s support of sustainability initiatives. Upcycling design elements, such as using old chairs as racks, can also be a way to reflect sustainability and your mission to limit waste. 

Further, because sustainability is a cause important to many consumers today, reflecting such a message can encourage consumers to be more inclined to buy products from your brand. Not only can they feel good about purchasing sustainable products from a sustainable company, but they can feel good about supporting a sustainable bottom line.


Retail Displays That Encourage Interaction

What makes in-store shopping attractive to consumers is the ability to physically touch products. This element of brick-and-mortar retailing can be reflected through your retail display designs. Not only are these displays unique, but they offer the chance for consumers to connect with your brand and its products that barriers created from packaging can’t. 

By designing retail displays that allow shoppers to touch and try your products out first, you enable consumers to have a shopping experience that leaves them remembering your products far more than they remember those on the shelf. 

Perhaps the best consumers for interactive retail displays are children. By encouraging kids to touch, play with, and sit on your displays, you create an experience they’re much more likely to enjoy and come back for more. 


Retail Displays That Educate

Retail displays that educate consumers about your products is a unique way to grab attention while explaining more about what you’re trying to sell. For example, if you have several variations of the same product, such as curling irons, then it is beneficial for both the consumer and brand to educate on what each product does. Educating consumers can be as simple as providing a description of each product besides its place on a display. 

Educating consumers on your products can also serve as an opportunity to showcase your larger product lines while avoiding bombarding shoppers with too many products. For example, providing a tablet by your display can serve as an “extended” display where more products are housed. 


Retail Displays That Use Humor

Utilizing humor is not only a surefire way to catch the attention of your consumers, but it is a sound way to reflect your brand’s personality. Are your brand/products known for its outspoken humor? Consider showcasing this within your retail displays through graphic text. Not only can this add to the appeal of your products, but it can encourage consumers to take a closer look at your displays. 

Further, humorous retail displays provide a shareable social media experience that can help build awareness of your brand and its products. 



Retail Displays That You Can Do

In today’s competitive retail world, ordinary displays no longer cut it. In other words, it’s important to remember that grabbing consumer attention and standing out from other products is now more important than ever. Even more so, it’s important to remember that your goal should go beyond getting consumers to interact with your product and also get them to purchase it. 

By choosing retail display designs that enhance the consumer experience, from encouraging interaction to utilizing humor, you motivate consumers to purchase from and remember your brand, and most importantly, come back for more in the future.


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