The Best Industries for Custom Point-of-Purchase Displays

Kyle Winkeler | August 18, 2020

When we go into a store, we generally know what we’re looking for. However, sometimes the unexpected happens and a custom WOW display catches our eye instead. Whether it be a custom retail display promoting an alcoholic beverage or a cutout of the lead actress in that new must-see TV show, once our eyes are set on that display, the idea just sticks. We start thinking about that product more and more until we feel compelled to buy it.

This is a great example of the importance point-of-purchase displays have, or POP for short. We are all familiar with these displays in one way or another. For example, when we go to Walmart there are many POP displays strategically placed around the store holding products like toothpaste and deodorant. Custom POP displays help drive sales by promoting brands, products and informing the public on key information. In fact, a good point-of-purchase display can be the difference between making a purchase or not.

Who can benefit from point-of-purchase displays? These 10 industries are just a few that implement creative displays into their retail marketing strategies.

Beverages and Alcohol

The biggest benefit of POP displays for beverages and alcohol is that it can help establish a brand in this ever-growing and competitive industry. It is important to establish a brand as unique and getting that imagery out there as much as possible can help create brand recognition. Whether it be a pole topper or a product stacker, POP displays can help beverage companies stand out amongst all the others.

Pet Products:

A benefit POP displays can have on pet products is informational. When you walk into your local pet store needing to quickly identify products for your animal, a POP display can help easily identify the best choice for your pet. A retail store with a point-of-purchase display showing a dog playing pulls on the emotional connection we all have with our pets. These displays can then inform the consumer on the best product for their pet. This speeds up the buying process and puts products in consumers hands quicker.


Cosmetics is an industry that provides consumers with ways to show their unique style. A POP display can help customers identify which brand most aligns with their own to achieve their perfect shade. This is accomplished by reflecting the individualities that make a brand different from other companies with similar products.


The automotive industry is a very technical one, full of people who want to know the specifics on what their buying. A vehicle part may look almost identical to another but still be wildly different because of a very minute component. A point-of-purchase display is a great way to explain these differences and share that information with the consumer effectively. POP displays can help lead people to make the most informed decisions possible for their vehicle.


Brand recognition is a huge part of the electronics industry. We all know Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Etc., and most importantly we know their logos. When somebody wants to get a new iPhone charger and they go to the electronics section of a store they immediately look for the Apple logo. A POP display can take that logo and make it much easier for the customer to identify where those products are housed in store by enlarging it at an elevation. In essence a point-of-purchase display can help connect a customer to the brand they’re looking for in the electronics industry quickly and efficiently.


Many stores that sell appliances are rather large, like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Let’s say, hypothetically, that a business wanted to promote dryers this month. It would be difficult to put a dryer in the front of the store for people to see, potentially leading to blocked foot traffic and being an eyesore. POP displays can serve as a solution to this problem by showing imagery of the dryer, where it can be located in the store and why it’s the best choice. This will eliminate the need to move any appliances unnecessarily while also helping the customer to get where they need to go quickly.

Media Entertainment (Movies, TV, Sports):

Media entertainment is one of the largest industries in America and a constant source of strength for this industry is star power. Whether it be sports, movies, TV shows or even video games there is always a star; someone who’s face or name is instantly recognizable by the public. These stars can help bring fans to any media platform. A point-of-purchase display can also help market this star power in a unique way by printing that face and name on a custom display. This will be shown at the front of a store and increase the exposure of the star to the consumer, effectively directing immediate attention toward the new release.

Clothing, Apparel and Accessories:

Getting someone to try on your brand’s new clothing or watches in a retail store is difficult, however, one way to do this is by POP displays. A business can show images of somebody wearing the hottest new item and the consumer will start to think about how that clothing or accessory would look on them. Now the idea has been planted in their head to try it on. This subtle form of marketing can lead to increased sales in the industry.

Personal Care:

The personal care industry is largely focused around convenience and satisfying a customer’s immediate need. To accomplish this feat, POP displays can provide quick access to the product in the form of retail counter displays or big floor displays, like the one featured above. By providing a customer with easy access to products, for example a specific brand’s razor, they are more likely to continue making that purchase in the future.


The food industry is masterful in their use of marketing. We have all made that extra purchase or two when grocery shopping that we didn’t plan on making. This is accomplished by carefully selecting the right POP display that highlights the aspects of a food product that will most likely trigger a hunger response. Printed imagery is key to this strategy and POP displays provide the perfect canvas to sell food products.

POP displays are not only essential to selling products, but also to furthering the brand. They provide an excellent source of marketing that can help businesses elevate their retail products to the next level. POP displays help businesses stay connected to potential customers through these processes by promoting their brands, products and informing the public on key information. Point-of-purchase displays are a must-have for any business trying to make it in the retail world.

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