Send Your Guests Off in Style with Custom Favor Boxes

Hailey Mueller | August 18, 2020

This just in, custom favor boxes are the new black! From weddings to corporate events, favor boxes have become the ultimate gesture of gratitude towards your guests, leaving them headed home with more than just a memory. 

It’s simple, no occasion, no matter how perfect or unique, is complete without a custom favor box (trust us). Available in all shapes, sizes, colors, and themes, custom favor boxes can perfectly compliment whatever event you’re planning. From a vibrant blue favor box for a baby shower to a sleek gold favor box for an elegant soiree, the possibilities that can come from custom favor boxes are endless!

Let’s break it down even further. Imagine, you’ve just planned the wedding of your dreams with every detail designed to a T. Your unique doughnut-tower wedding cake, pre-ceremony cocktails, and photo booth will leave guests wowed. Your ordinary, been-there-done-that favor boxes? Not so much. 

When it comes to whatever event you may be throwing, your ultimate goal should be for your guests to leave happy. Favor boxes with unique and personalized designs are the perfect way to finish your event off strong, set your favors apart from the norm, and leave guests feeling extra special. 

Just in case you’re still not convinced, we’ve provided a number of occasions in which custom favor boxes can be the perfect grand finale (you’re welcome):


Your wedding is a night you’ll remember forever; help your guests feel the same with custom favor boxes they can keep for a lifetime. Whether it’s a cake-shaped box to carry home delicious slices or a favor box decked out in your wedding colors, you can be sure you’ll send your guests home with a lasting impression of your big night. 

From simple to lavish, custom wedding favor boxes can be uniquely designed to reflect the uniqueness of you and your partner. Known for your love of Chinese takeout dates? Design a custom Chinese takeout box. Known for being frequent travelers? Design a custom favor box with you and your partner’s favorite destinations. Want to put more attention on your carefully-selected wedding decorations? There’s a favor box for that. 

It gets better. Favor boxes can be customized to accommodate favors of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re opting to send your guests off with smaller mementos ranging from macarons to chocolate, going for sweeter souvenirs ranging from donuts to cake slices, or going all out with larger keepsakes ranging from candles to mini lanterns, you can rest assured you’ll be able to personalize a favor box you and your guests will love.


Whatever reason there may be for inviting you friends and family to come together, from birthday bashes to at-home wine-tastings, there’s no denying the importance of party favors. While party favors are the perfect way to thank your guests for their attendance and gifts, custom favor boxes are a surefire way to emphasize your appreciation even more. 

Party favor boxes can be customized depending on your party’s theme and size. Throwing a small cocktail party? Invest in custom favors boxes for holding personalized drink stirrers, coasters, and drink mixes. Throwing a large graduation party? Invest in custom favor boxes decked out with the graduate’s senior pictures to hold souvenirs ranging from cups to keychains. 

On a budget? Even the most ordinary things make perfect party favors with the right custom boxes. In fact, custom favor boxes can be designed to hold objects as simple as chapsticks to pens. Worried about underwhelming your guests? Rest assured that the effort they’ll notice from your custom packaging will constitute the value of whatever gift is inside (we’re not saying people tend to judge a book by its cover, but the cover is pretty important…).

Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate events, high-quality, useful party favors are key to your guests feeling appreciated. With custom favor boxes, you can ensure all of that and more. Easy, right?

Because corporate events are generally larger gatherings, custom favor boxes with your organization’s name or logo can be easily bought in bulk. Want to wow your guests even more? Custom favor boxes serve as the perfect opportunity to play with gender-neutral colors or designs that relate to the event. 

Custom favor boxes are perfect for accommodating personalized party favors. Working at an accounting firm? Design custom favor boxes for staplers and pencils. Working at a marketing firm? Design custom favor boxes for tech supplies and notepads. Your employees will not only love the personalized and useful items inside, but the all-around effort that will be seen from your custom favor boxes will have them remembering your corporate event long into the future.


The best way to get into the holiday spirit? Custom holiday favor boxes (duh)! Whether you want to thank your guests for attending your holiday party or want to up your gift giving game, custom favor boxes can make any holiday attendee cheery. 

Holiday favor boxes can be designed depending on the holiday ranging from Santa to the Easter Bunny to add a fun and unique charm to whatever treats or small favors are inside. 

Want to do something different for this year’s holiday party? Custom favor boxes can also double as unique centerpieces, alternative stocking stuffers, and prize bags that will be sure to have your party standing out and your guests feeling extra special. 

Time to Get Gifting

Personalized favor boxes truly are any occasion’s cherry on top, icing on the cake, tip of the iceberg…they’re just the best, alright? From weddings to the holidays, custom favor boxes can come in all shapes, colors, sizes, themes, and designs that are guaranteed to not only hold your favors, but also make a lasting impression on your guests that will have them feeling cared for and appreciated far into the future (mission = accomplished)!

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