Make Shipping and Gifting Fun with Cute Mailers

Taylor Mueller | September 25, 2020

Shipping! Did you get excited? Neither did we. Let’s face it, we are all well aware that shipping is a boring process. Nevertheless, we know the PERFECT solution for turning shipping from dull to fun – with cute mailers, of course! Cute mailer boxes instantly allow shipping to go from tedious to thrilling! Why? Because cute mailers give you AND the person receiving it something to look forward to.  



Who doesn’t want a brightly colored, whimsical, and downright stunning package waiting for them at their front door? Well, to be completely honest, cute mailers aren’t a perfect fit for every company, but they are for those who enjoy all the creative aspects that come with packaging. Take subscription boxes as an example – subscription boxes are the epitome of cute mailers due to companies such as FabFitFun, Birchbox, Ipsy, and countless others who utilize stunning, vibrant, and vivid packaging. After all, you want your customers to continue coming back and a part of that strategy includes attractive packaging. It makes sense! The cuter the packaging, the more likely your customers will look forward to your products! As a bonus, they may even keep the box too! 



Promo boxes are also a great reason to create cute mailers. What better way to make a promotional statement than with packaging that is memorable? The way we see it, if the packaging made an impression, the brand probably did too! It’s a win-win! 

You can’t go wrong with a cute “welcome” box either! Would you feel welcome to a club, organization, or any other group with plain, lifeless packaging? Of course not! If the mailer is enjoyable, you or whoever is receiving the mailer will instantly feel more confident in wherever it is they are being accepted. 

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On top of subscription companies, promotional boxes, welcome boxes, gift boxes, and the like, industries can also utilize the power of cute mailers. With online shopping growing increasingly more common as more and more people choose to stay home, industries have been forced to find another way to give their customers the experience AND the things they love. By shipping cute mailers, feel the enjoyment of shopping without the fear of going to a department store.  

Several industries can take advantage of cute mailers with the most popular of all industries being cosmetics. Makeup has the power to be as colorful, vibrant, and expressive as you want it to be. Mailer packaging for a cosmetic company is arguably the most creative of the industries because of its extensive interpretations meaning any design can be in favor of makeup. Take this Beauty Con mailer as an example! Fill the design with smiley faces, rainbows, hearts, and anything else that makes you think of makeup! 

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Other industries prone to using cute mailers and packaging is that of jewelry, clothing, and other similar industries that represent expression. Why expression? Because expression allows you to be super cute AND creative with your mailer packaging. Do you want your beautiful earrings shipping in a plain, brown box? We didn’t think so! 

With so many students opting to say home rather than live on campus this school year, mailers that represent your college/university are a must! Display your school spirit across a mailer with your school’s logo, mascot, colors, and other fun design! Even better, fill the box with spirit wear so you can show your support whether you’re at home or on Zoom. Give your students the best college experience you can (no matter how different it may be)!



Not only are students facing the obstacles of an online environment but employees are as well. With many businesses attending conventions and events virtually, shipping cute mailers to your clients, customers, partners, and more is a great reminder that you wish you could be together in person! Consider it a “we miss you” package! 

Cute mailers can also be used for personal uses rather than just professional ones such as sending one to someone who truly needs or deserves it. For instance, there is no better time than NOW to ship “thank you” mailers to those who have sacrificed everything in these trying times. Make the mailers fun with cheerful colors and fill it with things of comfort and joy – cookies, candy, candles, fuzzy socks, beauty products, and so much more – to show how much you appreciate them!



All-in-all, cute packaging is important because it is unforgettable. Subscription box companies are just one of the many that ensure that their mailers are cute because that is a significant part of what keeps customers subscribed. Consider this – would you feel confident in a subscription box company that ships its products in a box with a cute design or no design? It’s a no brainer! Design makes an impression and when you’re impressed, you want more. That is exactly why cute mailers are so valuable! We desire creativity, care, beauty, and attention and that is exactly what you get when you ship a cute mailer.

So, what are you waiting for? Start shipping your cute mailers now! 


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