Introducing SubPack: Your End-to-End Subscription Solution

Taylor Mueller | January 4, 2021

At Xceed, we are experts at all things custom boxes and packaging. From designing your own mailer box to a beverage holder for all of your favorite bottles, we have you and your business covered! 

In 2020, Xceed reached heights that we never thought to be possible in these trying times, but that just wasn’t enough. We wanted to be bigger AND better. That’s why we are introducing Xceed’s newest offering, SubPack! 

With SubPack, we are now also devoting our time and energy towards the Subscription Box industry and ecommerce packaging! With complete turnkey solutions and services, give your products the home that they deserve with fully customizable subscription box design and manufacturing, custom add-ons, fulfillment, and shipping. In other words, it is the easiest way to get the subscription and ecommerce packaging that you want and need!


The Big Picture

Let’s break down the most important components regarding what we can offer you!

Packaging Design

Our highly-skilled team of structural designers specialize in developing custom packaging and inserts that keep your product secure during the shipment process. 


Custom Add-Ons

Add some pizzazz to you and your customer’s unboxing experience with custom tissue paper, stickers, tape, crinkle paper, and more!



Whether it‘s one unit or several thousand, we specialize in manufacturing superior corrugated packaging that is guaranteed to impress.



Don’t stress, your product is safe with us! We guarantee top-quality packouts that meet your exact specification.



Shipping from St. Louis, MO, we can ensure timely shipment to your warehouse or directly to your customers!


How To Start Creating The Best Subscription Box Ever

Now that you understand what we can do for you, let’s chat about how this all works! 

To begin, head on over to our online storefront to start your subscription box project. Simply add each packaging item to your cart and our SubPack team will contact you within 24 hours to gather additional information including product details, graphic elements, packout configurations and contact lists.


Step 1: Design Your Packaging

Start designing your mailer box through our online design studio. Not feeling confident enough to create your own design? Visit our Contact Us page to speak with a team member who can help! 

Interested in a custom insert to secure your product? Simply Add to Cart and, upon checkout, a team member will reach out to gather information about your specific product dimensions.

Step 2: Choose Your Add-Ons

Next, choose your Add-Ons. Don’t worry, these products are completely optional, but if you are looking to increase the visual appeal of your subscription box packaging you can choose from a variety of custom add-ons including stickers, crinkle paper, and more. One of our friendly customer service representatives will be there every step of the customization process!

Step 3: Fulfillment & Packout

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the inventory process? We can help with that too! Our fulfillment option involves secured warehousing of your product along with the required packaging components. Don’t worry, the SubPack team will handle your individual or bulk orders with the utmost care.

Step 4: Shipping Your Product

Not only can we ship in bulk to you, but SubPack can actually drop ship directly to your customers! Add the Drop Shipment item to your cart along with the quantity needed!

As we are sure you can tell, making sure your subscription box is perfect requires specialized care from everyone here at SubPack!

And there you have it – it really is that easy! 


The benefit of designing your own subscription box is that your packaging completely mimics the brand that you want to represent. Never fear again that your boxes come out with a surprise design or incorrect color  – what you give us is exactly what you get! 

Now that you know how simple it is, what are you waiting for? Visit SubPack to start your journey today! 

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