Boost your Brand with Premium Packaging

Hailey Mueller | August 19, 2020

They say first impressions last the longest. With premium packaging, you can be sure the first glance your packaging receives turns heads. In simpler terms, the effort that you place into your custom packaging can be the difference between continued sales or, well, no sales.

With continued sales being your goal, placing as much effort into reinforcing your brand’s identity with premium packaging as you do with engaging on social media or ensuring brand consistency is crucial. Premium packaging can ensure your brand stands out even further from its competitors and leaves a lasting impression on consumers that keeps them coming back for more.

So, what makes packaging premium? There are several elements that go into designing your packaging including materials, finishes, graphics, and inserts (I’ll delve deeper into these later), all of which play a large role in transforming your packaging from dime-store to high-end. Consumer attention and memories are based largely on visuals, meaning the visible components of your packaging are vital factors when boosting your brand and establishing a sense of luxury packaging.


Elevate Your Brand

First thing’s first, premium packaging doesn’t have to mean expensive packaging. You can effectively build your brand just as using a kraft material as a high-gloss alternative while still maintaining that sense of grandeur. All-in-all, it is the innovation, creativity, and unique touches that your brand places into its packaging that sells.

Premium packaging, at its foundation, surrounds grabbing consumer attention by creating appealing and attention-grabbing designs that tell people who your brand is in original and innovative ways. A few key points to discuss when designing your packaging include durability, convenience, reliability, sustainability, and appeal. You know why your brand is unique and superior to your competitors, help your consumers know why too with premium packaging.

For example, Amazon’s packaging lacks innovation and is uninteresting due to its plain kraft box with little design, exterior tape, and bubble wrap insert. However, while FabFitFun also uses kraft materials, it takes its packaging further with high-quality and attention-grabbing graphics on the interior and exterior of the box as well as adds a tissue paper filler. Sure, Amazon is still a successful company despite its packaging, but these small, inexpensive differences help FatFitFun establish a lush and expensive brand identity that helps the brand stand out from its competitors and appear high-quality.


Emphasize the Packaging Experience

In today’s world of YouTube and video sharing, the unboxing/packaging experience has become a platform and popular trend that focuses more on the packaging than the product inside. Because of this, ensuring your packaging is premium enough for your consumers to want to share and watch online is critical. This includes taking the online appearance of your packaging into consideration as well as designing packaging that consumers will find attractive enough to keep in their homes.

Let’s face it, who wants to watch a video of a plain, brown box (I know I don’t)? This means in order to boost your brand, companies must invest in their packaging as much as their products. Without this special attention dedicated to designing premium packaging, your consumer’s packaging experience isn’t complete.

When it comes to establishing a feeling of luxury for your brand, the packaging experience must go beyond providing consumer’s a feeling of appeal that they can see, but that they can also feel. When packaging looks and feels premium, it isn’t uncommon for consumers to hold onto their boxes long after the product has been removed. Across different social media platforms, influencers have become known for sharing videos and images to showcase their luxury packaging. From using these boxes to hold items such as jewelry to displaying the boxes in your home, premium packaging helps brands break into a secondary marketplace that ensures consumers remember the company far into the future.


Make Your Packaging Premium

I said it once, and I’ll say it again – premium packaging doesn’t have to mean expensive packaging! By carefully selecting elements of your packaging from inserts, materials, graphics, and finishes, you can reflect a sense of luxury that will ensure the brand awareness you’ve been hoping for.

Basic guidelines to consider when aiming for premium packaging include:


It has become common for colors such as black, silver, and gold to signify wealth and luxury. When designing your packaging, utilizing such colors on the exterior and interior of your packaging or via your graphics can be an easy way to signify luxury comparable to high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton and Prada.


It’s true, too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. While using quality, attention-grabbing graphics on your packaging is a crucial way to appeal to consumers, it is important to consider what your graphics are and how much you’re placing on your packaging. In other words, don’t go crazy with your imagery. Clutter can be an eyesore and an immediate way to disinterest your consumers. Simplicity and minimalism often correlate with elegance and refinement, which can go a long way in helping your packaging appear premium. For example, simply place your brand’s logo with a metallic tint against a black backdrop, and voila!.

Structure and Material:

When designing your packaging, think outside the box. Consider die cutting shapes out of your packaging to add unique structures and views of your products that consumers will love. This can range from cutting out windows on the packaging’s sides to shaping your packaging into interesting shapes such as a hexagon or tube.

Packaging made out of kraft isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there are a variety of packaging materials available that can help your brand stand out from its competitors. Materials such as kemi provide a thicker, sturdier feel to your packaging with a softer touch than traditional corrugate. Considering other materials that offer unique varnishes and embossing to your packaging is an additional way to add touches to your packaging that consumers will notice and most importantly, remember.

Inserts and Packaging Accessories:

Designing premium packaging doesn’t have to stop with just the box. Carefully selecting unique packaging inserts such as colorful tissue paper, crinkled paper, or plastic product holders is a fail-safe way for your consumer’s packaging experience to feel as luxurious as possible. Careful attention to inserts ensures consumers that your brand is willing to go the extra mile to please its customers.

Add some finishing touches such as a ribbon or handles to provide a final element to your packaging that screams luxury all while establishing your brand.


Boost Your Brand

When it comes to boosting your brand with premium packaging, innovation and creativity are key. By carefully selecting your packaging’s color, material, graphics, finish, and inserts, you’ll be able to capture consumer attention through a sense of luxury they won’t forget – all while establishing the uniqueness of your brand.

In today’s world of unboxing videos and Instagram influencers, premium packaging is now more important than ever in boosting your brand. Don’t get left behind because of plain boxes. Simple and smart color choices, graphic designs, and unique inserts can be the difference between repeat consumers and a brand you’re proud of, and well, the alternative. Luxury packaging is possible, all you have to do now is get started.


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