7 Awesome Subscription Box Designs

Taylor Mueller | August 18, 2020

FabFitFun, Ipsy, Birchbox, OH MY! These boxes and countless others are proving to be very successful within the subscription box industry. Not only do they offer a handful of unique, lavish, and fun products, but they send these items to customers in stunning packaging! It’s hard to tell what customers like more – the merchandise or the package they come in! With so much competition, how can one expect to stand out? Yes, quality products are always helpful, but a package that catches the eye of all is a positive way to start your subscription box journey. After all, you see the package before you see the products and first impressions matter! 

So, how do we ensure you get the outstanding package you need? Simple. Custom design your own! Only YOU know what you want your packaging to say, so why not give it the look that YOU desire? Taking advantage of designing your own custom subscription boxes and mailers is not only easy to do, but it allows for your box to be truly unique towards the products that you sell and can make an incredible statement! Let’s break it down. 

Easy To Do

When we say it’s easy to do, we really mean it. There are numerous websites (such as our own) that offer full customizable capabilities from placing your logo on the top of the box to a surprise design at the bottom. Simply choose which box best fits your needs (mailer box, shipping box, gift box, etc.), decide between kraft, gloss, or white material, add your design, and ta-da!  

Unique Towards the Products You Sell

Designing your box around your specific goods is a sure way to get the hint across regarding what’s going to be inside. Is it a subscription box for beauty products? Use designs featuring various cosmetics and bright colored graphics to represent femininity and playfulness. How about a subscription box for your dog? Bones and tennis balls will surely get the point across. Additional personalizations to keep in mind when characterizing your box can include custom sizing, custom inserts, custom graphics, print finish, box style, and so much more. 

Make An Incredible Statement 

When you see that arrow-smile with black and blue tape on your doorstep, you know exactly where that package came from. Brand recognition is key for the success of any subscription box. Therefore, be spontaneous AND consistent with your designs. Just like FabFitFun, you can change your packaging design throughout the year with products that correlate with the season, yet still make use of the same design elements (whether that be the same logo, graphics, shapes, gradients, and more). 

Summer Example:


Winter Example:


Overall, making a statement is a step in the right direction towards not only gaining new customers, but keeping old ones coming back. 

Take a look at these 7 awesome subscription box designs for your inspiration-pleasure! 



Harry’s is not only a fantastic example of how to design packaging around a trend, but it is an even more fantastic example of how to use custom inserts successfully.

For this particular box, Harry’s utilized a design featuring numerous colors in order to express its support for men who connect with Pride. This is just one sample of how you can use design  to match current hot topics as well as gain the attention of new and potential customers. 

Custom inserts allow for the inside of your box and the products within it to appear organized, clean, and high-end. Notice how the insert Harry’s uses is the same shade of yellow throughout the box. This induces a sense of consistency. Even further, the insert appears to be made out of plastic. This prompts the package to look even more high-quality with raised edges that keep the products locked in place. 

Additionally, Harry’s box contains a reflective material surrounding the insert which gives off a highly personal feel as well as an illustration of men on the top of the box which expresses individuality. See? Make a statement! 



VINEBOX is the perfect representation that not all subscription boxes have to appear as your typical mailer box. Due to the cylinder shape of the product, VINEBOX utilized an elongated box that fully accommodates what’s inside.

It’s crucial to notice that VINEBOX changes its design each month in order to coordinate with the product. While one package is bright yet minimal in order to interrelate with the light, crisp, and balanced wine within, another utilizes a playful gradient to match the carefree, delicious, and girly wine.

Allowing your product to be the inspiration behind your packaging design is a great way to have a variation of appearances while still making sense towards your brand. 



Who says all packaging HAS to be colorful? Winc has a great packaging design for practicality reasons rather than aesthetic ones. Not only is this box also elongated in order to accommodate the shape of wine bottles, but it ensures that the logo of the company is displayed in a noticeable place. Afterall, the name of your box is what you want customers to remember the most. 

Although statement packaging is important, it doesn’t necessarily have to be accomplished through flamboyant design. Therefore, choosing kraft can make just as big of a statement as a colorful package. For Winc, its simplistic design allows for the experience of receiving this package to be all about what’s inside of the box, similar to the simplisticity of an Amazon package. Don’t be so quick to underestimate the value of the plain! 



Glossier’s packaging is a prime example of completely representing your brand from the inside and out. While the use of pink represents the girlness of the brand (and of makeup in general), the lack of design elements represents the minimalism and cleanliness of the product. 

In instances such as this one, less can most definitely be more. Therefore, strongly consider using your product as your muse when it comes to custom subscription box design. 

Home Chef 


Similar to Winc, Home Chef also utilizes kraft packaging with a distinguishably displayed logo. The additional design elements on the side of the package closely represents the product while simultaneously executing a fresh appearance that correlates even further with the food. Therefore, the value of the product and brand is clearly present.  

The largeness of this subscription box is also something to pay attention to. Is your product flat or does it require a great deal of space? Can it fit in a mailbox or is this a doorstep kind of box? Design does not just have to be centered around a cute graphic – custom size is also something to keep in mind. Therefore, if you are planning on stuffing a week’s worth of food in one box or this is a subscription box for buttons, definitely consider the size of your packaging. 



Arguably one of the most consistently colorful subscription boxes on the market, BirchBox utilizes exciting, spontaneous, and fun designs to catch the attention of all who witness it. With spectacular design, keep your current customers itching for each box and intrigue potential ones. 

Utilizing a multitude of colors allows for your subscription box to feel special and unique each time your customer receives a new one.  Do it correctly and your customers may even keep the products AND the package! Of course, consider using the colors you’ve chosen for your brand first before freely choosing any color. This can help to avoid any unwanted brand confusion.



Sometimes, a logo is the only design aspect you need to get the point across. When a logo consumes the entirety of the side of the box, typography is detrimental in speaking to your audience. BarkBox does just that with a font that is almost as playful as the product within it.

Although the logo takes up a great deal of space, BarkBox still manages to do two things that truly symbolizes the products within – bolding “BARK” and adding emphasis lines behind the “K.” These elements give the logo that (dog) voice that one can hear when reading it. Hence, by considering even the smallest of design details, your box can be completely transformed.

Subscription box designs are almost as big of a decision as the product itself. Whether the box is full of patterns or just a simple kraft with a logo design, learn what makes the most sense towards your brand. A world of custom possibilities is what makes subscription box designs, well, awesome!

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