10 Unique Packaging Ideas We Love

Taylor Mueller | August 18, 2020

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just have good products. The competition is always lurking. So, how do we stand out among the others? With so much packaging competition across all markets, being unique is a must! That’s why we’ve gathered a handful of custom packaging ideas that we love and KNOW you’ll love too – and it’s not just box designs! Unique packaging can take shape in even the most unthinkable of products. Take boxed water as an example. Boxed Water Is Better took a necessity of life away from its traditional plastic bottle and put it into a package that is both sustainable and highly distinctive. 


That is exactly why we love unique packaging ideas so much! ANY product or brand can take on a modern twist which, in turn, can completely reinvent it. That being said, allow us to showcase packaging for products that you would not expect because we really mean it when we say everything has the potential to have fantastic packaging! 

Onto the unique packaging ideas! 

Jubel Silicon Baking Mat


We know what you’re thinking. How can silicone baking mats possibly have unique packaging? Jubel took something as ordinary as baking mats and put it into something that makes you excited to cook! With fun, vibrant colors and multiple different fonts, this is a package that really proves that there can be joy in any product. In fact, it’s so eye catching we doubt you’ll ever put it back in the pantry!

Seabedee CBD Oil


Not only is the name a clever play on words, but this packaging for CBD Oil is totally different from any that we’ve seen! Seabedee completely strays away from the typical green packaging used for CDB oil which, in turn, allows the package to appear refined. The logo and feature images display beautifully on the package with a liquid texture that refers back to the product itself. The additional words on the package are also separated in a way that adds a sense of organization AND sophistication to the product! Genius! 

Industry Insect Repellent 


This package is truly a representation of the power of design. Seriously! Who thought that insect repellent could be so, well, adorable? Instead of utilizing realistic, and quite frankly, terrifying visual art as other insect repellent brands typically do, Industry made use of a cutesy cartoon graphic, bold typography, and lively colors. These elements put together allow for this packaging to be one you wouldn’t mind looking at AND using. 

Wet Wipes


Rather than your typical play on words, this package is a play on visuals! The crocodile imagery is a great example that a package does not have to take itself too seriously. Not only is the featured image a fun representation of children who can become quite dirty and rough-skinned (which makes sense towards the product), but it is also clean and simple (which further makes sense towards what the product does). This package is here to prove that a product for kids can be amusing for adults as well! 

Unicorn Coffee Blend


We don’t know about you, but we would love to start every morning with this package in sight! Coffee can usually be found in dark, rich, and masculine packaging, but with packaging this flashy, it is anything but! To put it simply, it screams femininity, elegance, and vibrancy and is sure to catch the eye of all who witness it. With packaging this bright, we highly doubt you’ll start off your day dull which makes this the epitome of modern packaging! 

Clearly Olive Oil


Who said being transparent is a bad thing? Not only does this package clearly (HA!) hide nothing, but it also incorporates cute graphics that completely represent what’s within. This packaging especially stands out among the others because of the way that the product gives the package its color while also giving it a light, minimal, airy, and clean appearance. 

Doggone Good Dog Food


If we do know one thing, it’s that you won’t be getting this package confused with your midnight snack! This is a prime example of using your customer as your packaging inspiration – even if that customer happens to be a dog. It is unbelievably quirky, highly loveable, and entirely represents the product within. What more can we say?

Vigor Eggs


Eggs? Fun? These two words only go together when you’re talking about egging something, not when it comes to packaging… until now. This packaging puts an exciting twist on the traditionally boring egg carton. It is not only beautifully colored, but it incorporates cute graphics and effortless typography that goes along with the simplisticity of the product. If you look even closer at the graphics, you’ll notice that they represent the values of this brand which is that these eggs are, as the package states, powerful. That’s some pretty powerful packaging, right? 



Have you ever seen cheese so artistic and exquisite? This is one to prove that your package can truly tell a story and what could possibly be the story behind this cheese, you may be wondering? The Italian paintings plastered on the front of the packaging is a representation of the Renaissance Era which further represents the length of time this cheese has been made, duh! By bringing old characteristics to modern packaging, your packaging can tell an incredibly unique tale! 

Tesco Finest Sardine


Trust us when we say that there is nothing fishy about this packaging! Sometimes, food packaging can be so unique that it’ll make you want to eat it – even if the product is traditionally not the most favored of foods. The imagery is very minimal yet adds just enough to display the product within while the italicized font is also just enough to give the packaging a very high-end feel. Even sardines deserve a chance for exquisite packaging! 

Beautiful packaging is great, but unique packaging? That’s something worth talking about! Being distinctive is crucial when trying to stand out in the wide, wide world of packaging. Without it, you’ll surely get lost in all of the madness. By displaying especially unique packaging, we hope that you were able to take inspiration from each in order to formulate incredible packaging for your own product. Now go ahead, start creating! 

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